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Here's how it works.

3 steps in bringing your idea to Life

We Talk

We agree to a Non Disclosure Agreement(Confidentiality Agreement) so you can be safe sharing your idea with us.

We evaluate if your idea enters the category of a Simple App. We convert your idea into a list of Software Requirements. After agreeing on the final App specifications we start prototyping.

We believe that proper communication is crucial. Every step of the way will be properly documented and agreed upon.

We Design

This is where we bring your idea to Life. Once our clients are satisfied with the App specifications, we start the designing process.

Our Graphic Design team specializes in Modern Designs. We design in collaboration with our clients to achieve maximum client satisfaction. This process usually takes around 2-4 weeks.

The design process will take as many iterations necessary to achieve 100% satisfaction. Once the design is agreed upon, we start coding.

We Build

The development process usually takes between 2-6 weeks. This process also includes testing and client feedback. We show constant progress to our clients. We make sure our clients feel part of the team.

Our clients need an existing Apple Development account to publish their App. We offer our clients the possibility to publish their own apps by delivering them the source code. Or we can publish the App for them provided the Apple id and password.

Additional Services We Provide

Contact us for special bundle prices

Android Development

Although we specialize in Simple iOS Apps, we also develop for Android. Interested in developing an App for both platforms? Contact us for special bundle prices.

Web Development

Does your App need a Website? We develop Websites as fast as we develop Apps. Create a landing page to expand your Idea.

Complex Native Apps

We also Develop Native Apps that require databases and/or Web APIs. These are complex systems that require a longer development process and a significantly larger budget.

"We are a team of engineers and designers on a mission to bring ideas into reality. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We want you enjoy the development process as much as we do. We want every customer to feel part of our team, to merge in the creative process.
Hope to get a chance to work with you."

Horatio Torrendell - CEO
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Frequently Asked Questions

-Is my idea safe?
We agree on a non disclosure agreement to protect your ideas. We take customer confidentiality very seriously.

-What is a Simple* App?
A simple App is an application with few screens that serves one basic function. A simple App does not store data and does not consume services from the web.

-What are some examples of a Simple App?
Some examples of simple Apps are: Cooking apps, information apps, Retail store Apps, Peronal apps(Your own app that presents your personal information), Restaurant apps, story apps, event apps, etc. The ideas are infinite.

-How is Torro-Techs so cheap?
We use App Development Platforms to develop our apps. These tools allow us to build powerful products fast. We focus on simple Apps that do not require complicated engineering challenges like developing databases and web APIs. This allows us to maintain a fast and low cost development on relatively simple solutions.

-What if my idea is not a simple idea?
We have a specialized development team for complex ideas. These projects run on a different schedule and on bigger budgets. An alternative is that we develop a solution to your idea that enters the category of a simple App.

-What if I want my App for iOS and for Android?
We also develop Apps for Android. Make sure you consult our bundle prices.

-How long does the process take?
From receiving the App idea to the final launch to the App Store usually takes between 1-2 months. This depends on many factors like the complexity of the idea, the design, the amount of code, etc.

-How do we communicate during the whole development process?
Email will be the primary form of communication during the entire development process. If in any moment we need a more thorough form of communication, we use Skype.

-What payment methods does the company offer?
We accept Paypal and Bitcoins

Let´s start bringing your idea to life

Tell us about your idea and we will get back to you with a FREE project outline to bring your idea to Reality.

We are very happy to answer any question or provide more information.

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